Presentation que card?



OMG we have problem with our video!!!

We did not able to save the video in HD form and when we play it, it turns to 144p which is toooooooo blurry!!
There is nothing we can do because if we want to re format it, we will lost our previous format!

Crying is not the solution.

All we can do now is just pray.

We have no time and energy to fix it anymore. Hope it will not affect our marks.

Let’s just hope.


This week is all about assembling the scenic parts and also editing.
There is too much work to do in editing that makes us a bit grumpy for the whole week.
At first we wanted to just combine all the scenes and create a bit of CGI technique, but then we realized that to do that will take such a longgggggg time. So we decided to just edit the scene one by one and then combine in.

Sounds pretty simple right?
BUT NOPE! Much more complicated.

Another problem that we faced is that we have trouble finding the perfect background music for each scene. Since our theme is more to life and Islamic, we thought that slow kinda jazz sound would be perfect. But then the tempo doesn’t match with the scene.

Haishhhh~ another problem!

At the end, we choose to stick with some Quran recital and slow boring (I almost sleep when hear it) songs




Mimi, Fatin, Umi and Khadijah (including me, of course!) struggling to finish our remaining shots for our video. We have to shoot for three scenes which take time-lapse for sunset ( took us hours OMG!), subuh prayer at Masjid Besi Putrajaya and indoor shot for tahajud prayer. Most of the shoot was taken by Mimi and Fatin but there are some taken by me.

Processed with VSCOcam

So creative la kononnya

Processed with VSCOcam

Brand new multi-purpose dipod

Processed with VSCOcam

The Bridge

Processed with VSCOcam

Masjid Besi Putrajaya

Processed with VSCOcam


So that’s basically the behind-the-scene shoot that I took


probably for bloopers!




I’m not great at shooting a video, but I’ve tried my best. So on the 19th of December I will upload the final product from our novice production.

Enough with the commercial.

This week’s activity is a more fun where we equip with mahjong paper and colorful magic pen. What’s our task? We have to draw the actual storyboard of our video IN.45.MINUTES. Yes, right! That’s the only time we’ve got to create a complete our storyboard before we present it in front of the class.

Here are some of the picture that we manage to take during our preparation.



Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam


Like a normal high school class, we start our class at 9.00 a.m. with checking the attendance list. For 20-21 years old university students, it is embarrassing for us when the lecturer said that our batch has the worst attendance compared to last year’s batch. Too much humiliation to be handled. Man! Why can’t some of us wake up early and attend the morning class?? Never mind, let’s just put it aside.

                Two days before our class, Dr. Rosseni put up an announcement in our Facebook group saying that she wants us to upload our favorite shot (picture) that we took during our trip to Penang island. So my groupmates agreed to upload the shot that Fatin took. Other than that, we have to fill up the form in the Facebook and put up links to our individual and group WordPress blog. And that’s the first time we hear about group blog. ( -_____- )

                We continue our class with normal-random-discussion about our trip. So each of us (only few actually) stood up and give their personal reflection. For me, I think that trip creates a strong bond between us, TESLians and give us a memorable memory to keep.

For example








Processed with VSCOcam


It’s HOLIDAY! Yeay! So over the weekend we were all back home with our beloved family. A week is not enough for us to spend quality time with our beloved ones. With addition of assignments that starts to pile up, there’s no way we are able to take our holiday seriously (like seriously!).

                Forget about spending time shopping and movie marathon for a week! Well at least not after I’m done with my work.  So buckle up Fudge! It’s time to ride your roller coaster backwards!




Finally we are going to Penang! Yeahaaaaaa!!! After all the preparations and multiple time of meetings, the day is finally here. Since we are not going to stay in a hotel or guest house, most of us decided to bring everything that they need in their large backpack. Including mini pillow and blanket. While I, as usual, pack a lot of food supply. You know, just in case. I brought egg sushi, prawn sushi, rice ball, crackers, chips and sweets. And for sure I won’t get hungry during the 6 hours minimum, traveling by bus.

We gathered at the car park behind the Dewan Canselor Tunku Abdul Rahman (DECTAR) around 11.20 p.m. and wait for the arrival of our sponsored bus from Besut, Terengganu. After all were sitting at their own sit, we start or journey with a bit of recital of doa from our friend, Muhammad Ardan. Maybe because I was so tired having lots of work need to be settle down from the morning, I fall asleep exactly after one hour of our departure. Snoring maybe? I’m not sure.

Down below are several pictures that I took during our trip. Not much but I’ve tried to make it artistic just like a professional photographer!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset   Processed with VSCOcam  Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset  Processed with VSCOcam


I must admit that I didn’t attend this week’s class because…. ermmm.. Let say that I forgot to set an alarm and apparently no one wakes me up! So yeah! That’s the most acceptable reason that I can give right now!

I heard that Faiz, or sometimes known as Mr. Geeky-Major-Tech Brain gave a lecture about photoshop. Well excellent! New approaches given by us, the future teacher to teach in front of the chaotic class. What a new experience.

Instead of babbling about the content of this week, which I have no idea what is it about, I’ve decided to narrow down the things that I need for our Penang trip next week! YEAYYYYYY!!

  • DSLR (dummies call it as high tech camera!)
  • Phone charger
  • Power bank
  • Extra cloth (in case of emergency)
  • “pakaian solat” (if not in period phase)
  • Soft blanket (need to use it on the bus)
  • Tissue
  • Toiletries (in small packaging)
  • Small towel
  • Make up box (everything I need inside there)
  • A pair of shoes





The fourth meeting was a short-one-hour class because Dr. Rosseni have to attend a course.
She begins her class with a small briefing on the sketch of ideas that we need to submit as a first storyboard for our video. My groupmates were all shaking to hear that we need to come out with a storyboard. They thought that the story board need to be fancy, just like what they saw in the movie etc.

In the storyboard, it must contain the story line of our video, a simple description on how the story will be expanded and the closing act of the video.
Oh, and before that we must decide on the genre of our video and message that we want to deliver throughout the video.

Now here’s the big deal…..

We have decided to go with a simple clip that tells the story of a Malaysian. Kinda like one of independent short story directed by our youngsters. We want to deliver dakwah through our video so we need to insert message of Islam to the audience.

Although it is only the beginning of the video production, it appears that there are a lot of things that need to be considered such as the theme, place setting, camera angle, characters, storyline, audio effects, editing and so much more.
Luckily it is only SHORT VIDEO not a whole 120 minutes of action-packed movie!

That one we need to hire Mr. Too Sexy Zac Efron!